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Yellow Sticky Traps (pack of 50)

Yellow Sticky Traps (pack of 50)

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Plastic dry glue yellow sticky traps for catching various pest insects.

Each yellow sticky trap measures 100mm x 250mm.

Target Pest

Various including Sciarid and Whitefly

Crop Type

Fruit, Vegetable, Top Fruit, Salads, Ornamentals, Hydroponic


Bright yellow, non-fading plastic colour to attract a range of flying pest insect species including sciarid and whitefly.

Using hanging yellow sticky traps allows monitoring of pest insect populations and determining when an action threshold is reached.

Pack contains: 50 dry glue plastic sticky traps and wire ties. Each trap measures 24.5 x 10 cm.

How to Use

Suitable for use in any crop to catch a range of pest insects including sciarid and whitefly to monitor for pest activity.

Use the included ties to hang the traps just above the height of the crop throughout a growing area.

Once hung remove the sheet to reveal the dry touch glue.

Mark the trap with the date setup to allow accurate pest monitoring.

Trap placement: Place around the edge and within the crop. Note the traps work with visual attraction and therefore the pest must be able to see the trap.

Trap density: Sticky trap density will depend on the level of monitoring required.

Lure replacement frequency: Replace traps as needed when the glue is no longer sufficient to trap insects.

Store in a cool dry location until use.

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