About Us

The company Andermatt Biocontrol was founded by Dr. Martin Andermatt and Dr. Isabel Andermatt in 1988. The first product to be successfully launched was Madex, a naturally occurring baculovirus against codling moth (Cydia pomonella).

Launched in 1988, Madex was the first product worldwide based on a granulovirus. Since then the company has developed to become one of the leading biological plant protection companies worldwide.

Historically the use of biological control, such as the application of baculoviruses against insect pests, was seen to be a method only for use in organic production. Opinion has since changed. It is now widely recognized that the use of biological control measures such as baculoviruses, offer a highly effective tool within IPM (Integrated Pest Management) programs.

Today, driven by a desire for more environmentally sensitive pest control, increasing regulatory restrictions on synthetic chemistry and a greater understanding on how to improve reliability of performance from biological products, biological control is being used in the complete spectrum of production systems from organic to what would have historically been conventional agriculture.

As the biological control market has expanded, so has the global footprint of Andermatt Biocontrol. With their headquarters in Grossdietwil Switzerland , Andermatt Biocontrol now has subsidiaries all over the world including France, South AfricaNetherlandsBrazil, Canada and USA. Established in July 2017, Andermatt UK is the latest subsidiary of Andermatt Biocontrol AG. Andermatt Biocontrol and its subsidiaries market and sell our own products as well as third party products through our subsidiaries and our numerous distributors.

Andermatt Biocontrol headquarters in Grossdietwil Switzerland