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Rebell White (8 traps)

Rebell White (8 traps)

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Sticky trap for monitoring adult sawfly, including apple sawfly (Hoplocampa testudinea) and plum sawfly (H. flava).

Crop Type

Fruit, Top Fruit


The shade of white used by Rebell White traps is designed to be non-UV reflecting, therefore minimising accidental trapping of non-target beneficial and pollinating organisms.

Specifically developed shade of white for attracting target pests gives more accurate and reliable pest monitoring.

Reduced accidental trapping of non-target organisms makes assessing trap contents easier and faster.

Accurate monitoring of pests allows more selective use of pest control products.

If new glue applied, they can be used for multiple years.

How to Use

Each trap consists of two parts. The two halves should be slotted together along the already-cut slots.

Rebell White traps should be attached with a piece of wire to a horizontal branch at the same height as expected blossom.

Traps should be placed in the crop before blossoms open (e.g. for apples at late green cluster or pink bud growth).

The glue is designed to remain sticky for the duration of the traps use.

After use, traps can be cleaned with a solvent and reused. After cleaning, new insect trap glue should be applied. Andermatt recommends using Tangle-Trap glue with Rebell traps.

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