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Rebell® orange trap (16 traps)

Rebell® orange trap (16 traps)

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Rebell® orange plastic sticky trap for monitoring carrot fly (Psila rosae).

Crop Type

Vegetables, Salads, Herbs


The pest has 2-3 generations per year depending on location and environmental conditions. Trapping and monitoring adults allows accurate detection of the pest population and lifecycle development therefore accurate timing of pest control applications.

The shade of orange used by Rebell® carrot fly traps is designed for trapping carrot fly Psila rosae, therefore minimising accidental trapping of non-target organisms.

Designed from a shade of orange specifically to attract carrot fly, the plastic trap is covered in a glue designed to maintain its stickiness in outdoor conditions.

The plastic has an integrated UV-filter to protect the colour to ensure the specific shade of orange does not fade over time.

Accurate monitoring of pests allows more selective use of pest control products.

How to Use

Traps should be clipped to a vertical pole 80cm above the ground. The traps should be placed within the crop and at least 2 near to field boundaries. Traps should be checked regularly and replaced weekly.

Traps should be placed in the field before adult emergence. First generation of adults typically emerge late April to early May with a second generation of adults following in August.

Because of the low mobility of adult flies, every carrot field on a farm should be monitored (conclusions from EPPO workshop: EPPO Workshop on Carrot Fly (Lelystad, NL, February 2009)

The glue is designed to remain sticky for the duration of the traps use.

After use, traps can be cleaned with a solvent and reused. After cleaning, new insect trap glue should be applied. Andermatt recommends using Tangle-Trap glue with Rebell traps.

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