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OmniLure Thrip Attractant

OmniLure Thrip Attractant

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Attractant for monitoring various different species of thrips including Western Flower Thrips (WFT, Frankliniella occidentalis)

Crop Type

Fruit, Vegetable, Salads, Ornamentals


Lures contain an attractant for both male and females of various thrip species including: Frankliniella occidentalis (Western Flower Thrip, WFT), Thrips tabaci, Frankliniella schultzei, Hydatothrips adolfifriderici, Megalurothrips sjostedti, Thrips coloratus, Thrips imagines, Thrips major, Thrips obscuratus and Thrips palmi.

Using Omnilure Thrip Attractants will improve the performance (both total catches and catch numbers at lower pest pressures) than using sticky traps alone

Pack contains: 10 attractant lures to be used in combination with cooured sticky traps (not included).
Note: To catch the attracted thrips, this attractant should be combined with a sticky trap.

How to Use

Suitable for use in any crop where thrips are a potential pest.

Omnilure Thrip Attractants should be used year-round because thrips, especially in protected growing systems, are a constant risk.

Omnilure Thrip Attractants should be used in combination with sticky traps (blue are recommended for thrips). The attractant should be attached to the sticky trap to increase pest attraction and therefore sticky trap catches

Trap placement: Place within the crop, just above the height of the crop. Sticky traps should also be placed around walkways as these are often used by thrips to move around, especially in protected growing systems.

Lure placement: Attach an Omnilure Thrip Attractant to the sticky trap being used to monitor the pest to ensure thrips being attracted to the lure are caught on the trap. How lures are attached will depend on the sticky trap being used.

Trap density: Sticky trap density will depend on the trap being used, follow manufacturers guidelines.

Attractant density: Omnilure Thrip Attractants should be used at a rate of 1 lure for every 100m2 (100 per ha).

Trap replacement: Follow sticky trap manufacturer’s instructions. If the sticky trap being used with theOmnilure Thrip Attractant is replaced, the attractant can be transferred to the new sticky trap.

Once setup, sticky traps should be checked at least once or twice a week and the number of caught thrips recorded.

Lure replacement frequency: Every 6-8 weeks.

Store Omnilure Thrip Attractant unopened in a fridge or freezer until use.

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