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InsectoSec® 15kg

InsectoSec® 15kg

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InsectoSec® powder, certified for control of red poultry mite.

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Approved for use by UK authorities and industry bodies for the control of poultry red mite (Dermanyssus gallinae), in poultry production sytems. InsectoSec is also approved for use in organic production systems.

Can be applied as either a clean-up and preventative treatment at restocking, or as a curative knock-down treatment against poultry mite whilst the flock is still present.

Chemical resistance management due to its physical mode of action, InsectoSec® can be used in rotation with chemical acaricides/miticides for long term sustainable management of poultry mite.

Confidence from a product with proven efficacy and safety of the officically approve diatomaceous earth product.

Pack contains: 15kg InsectoSec® diatomaceous earth (DE) powder.
Note: The high quality production process for InsectoSec® results in it having a low bulk density, see guidelines on area treated by each 15kg unit.

How to Use

Suitable for use in any rearing system where poutry red mite (Dermanyssus gallinae) is present or a risk.

To combat red fowl mites in poultry farming: Cover all boarding, the underside of covers, perches and other places , where mites hide such as cracks, crevices and corners with the product. A good, clearly visible layer of InsectoSec®, must be applied. Reapply the dust layer as necessary. InsectoSec® can be applied in the presence of animals.

Dosage: 30 – 50 g/m2.
The amount of product needed depends on the type of coop, e.g. floor management/aviaries (30 g/m2) or cages (50 g/m2).

Applications of InsectoSec® have no re-entry or withholding time.

Do not use InsectoSec® on high quality porous surfaces.

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