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Flora aphid water trap 1m (box of 12 traps)

Flora aphid water trap 1m (box of 12 traps)

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Flora yellow aphid water trap with adjustable height up to 1m (box of 12 traps)

Crop Type

Vegetable, salads, combinable, fruit


Adjustable height yellow water traps for monitoring a range of flying insects, including aphid, in any crop.

Traps have an adjustable height allowing them to be positioned at optimal height as the crop grows to ensure reliable and accurate pest monitoring.

Suitable for use in any situation where trapping of pests attracted to yellow traps is required.

Suitable for use in both indoor and outdoor crops. The trap is secured by pushing the stake into the ground and therefore cannot be used on solid surfaces.

Pack contains: 12 re-usable yellow pan traps.
Note: Because of the length of the stakes, the traps are transported in two parts. Part 1 contains 12 footrests, height adjusters and yellow bowls, Part 2 contains the 12 yellow bowls

How to Use

Traps can be used year round depending on the risk period of the pest being monitored. Typically for aphid in outdoor crops this between April and September.

Construct the footrest to help push the trap into the soil:

Push the white tube onto the yellow pole. The white tube should be approximately 20 cm from one end of the pole. The open slits should be nearest the short end of the pole. The short section of pole below this will be pushed into the ground

From the long end of the yellow pole, slide on the black footrest with the flat edge facing away from the white tube.

Secure the black footrest over the white tube. Use the footrest to push the short end of the pole into the ground.

Set height of water trap:
From the long end of the pole slide on the white coil. The loop in the coil should be above the long end. The coil and long end can be gently squeezed together to allow easier movement up and down the yellow pole.
The white coil should be positioned at the height the trap is intended to be set at
Slide the yellow bowl onto the yellow pole ensuring the loop in the white coil sits within the grove on the underside of the bowl.

Setup and Maintenance:
Fill with water to the height of the drains and add a few drops of washing detergent
The drains will prevent the trap overflowing whilst preventing insect escape
The trap should be checked regularly, and water/detergent replaced as needed.

At the end of the season, the trap should be stored in cool dry location out of direct sunlight.

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