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Droso Trap

Droso Trap

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Number of Traps

Large refillable red cup trap for monitoring Spotted Wing Drosophila (SWD, Drosophila suzukii)

Crop Type



Larger trap design compared to Drosal® Pro. Gives higher liquid attractant and fly holding capacity and therefore less frequent refilling is required.

Highly visible red design when used at lower density trapping.

Droso Trap is designed for trapping Drosophila flies, therefore preventing accidental trapping of non-target organisms.

Accurate monitoring of pests allows more selective use of pest control products.

How to Use

Traps should be placed at regular intervals (10-20 m) around the edge of a crop and checked regularly.

Droso Traps do not include liquid attractant. This should be brought separately. Andermatt recommends using Droso Traps with DrosaLure attractant.

Each Droso Trap should be filled with 200ml liquid SWD attractant. One 5L bottle of SWD liquid attractant will fill 25 Droso Traps.

Attractant may need to be refilled through the season as liquid evaporates.

Droso Traps can be used for multiple years. Use fresh attractant each year

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