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Brown Mararated Stink Bug (BMSB, Halyomorpha halys) Trap

Brown Mararated Stink Bug (BMSB, Halyomorpha halys) Trap

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Complete monitoring trap for Brown Mararated Stink Bug (BMSB, Halyomorpha halys)

Crop Type

Top Fruit, Fruit, ornamentals


Attracts male stink bugs with species-specific pheromone. Allows accurate identification of pest species. Monitoring allows easy determination of risk to crop and if further control actions are required.

Pack contains: 2 clear plastic sticky traps and 1 attractant lure to last 12 weeks.

How to Use

Suitable for use in any crop where Brown Mararated Stink Bug (BMSB, Halyomorpha halys) is a potential pest.

The trap is designed to monitor adult stink bug activity which then allows improved application timing of plant protection products.

The trap should be hung from a branch within the crop at head height to allow easy access.

Traps should be checked at least once or twice a week and number of trapped stink bugs recorded. After recording trapped numbers during scouting, trapped bugs should be removed from sticky trap to improve future catches and reduce chance of miscounting in following assessments.

Replace the clear plastic sticky trap after 6 weeks, or as needed if it becomes covered in dirt and debris.

Do not open foil sachet until you want to use the pheromone lure. Until use, store unopened sticky inserts and pheromone lures in a cool dry location.

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