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Topsnap® mouse trap

Target Pest



Easy to use mouse trap with no bait or poison. Simple to set and release catch. For indoor and outdoor use, made from highly durable plastic and stainless steel.

Contained box design of Topsnap® means no exposure to moving parts.

Easy, fast and secure activation of the trap from the outside in one single movement.

Easily visible when the trap is sprung.

Contact-free release of catch.

How to Use

Trap is designed to catch animals on their travel routes. These are typically in covered areas or around the edges of rooms and buildings. When placing Topsnap® try not to disturb surroundings to not upset normal mouse behaviour.

After placing trap in desired location, trap is set from the outside.

Easily visible when the trap is sprung.

Killed animal is easily released from the trap without the need to touch them.

Topsnap® trap does not require any bait or poison to be added.

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