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Premium BioChar + Rootiliser (2L) x8

Premium BioChar + Rootiliser (2L) x8

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Premium-graded biochar pre-charged with beneficial bacteria to help improve soil health and plant root development. Specifically developed for pots and baskets.

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Pack size: 8
Partner products: NA
Variant products: Available in smaller 1L packs Premium BioChar + Rootiliser (1L) x10 (TX010FBPC51L) as well as general use for versatile applications to any growing type: Biochar + Rootiliser (1L) x10 (TX010FBIC51L) and the larger Biochar + Rootiliser (2L) x8 (TX008FBIC52L)
Individual Product Dimensions: H 335 mm, W 235 mm, D 95 mm, Weight 490g .
Barcode on packaging: Yes
Pricing shown on packaging: No
Certifications: NA


Premium biochar graded to 2mm to remove small and large particles, specifically developed to be aded to compost for pots and baskets for improved moisture retention.

Biochar improves soil structure increasing air movement and water retention. Pre-charged with our Rootiliser beneficial bacteria, a probiotic for the soil to help develop healthier roots and power them to extract more nutrition from the soil aroud them.

Premium Biochar + Rootiliser is also available in smaller 1L stand-up pouches.

Our beneficial bacteria works on a range of plants and soil types. Formulated to suit a range of different uses, Rootiliser also powers a general use ungradedd (0-6mm) biochar developed for versatile use in all situations to help improve soil condition and health. ; BioChar + Rootiliser (1L) x10 and BioChar + Rootiliser (2L) x8.

Plastic free packaging.

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