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Nattaro Scout™ Traps (12 traps)

Nattaro Scout™ Traps (12 traps)

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Bed bug traps, excludes attractants. The most sensitive bed bug trap on the UK market, reusable trap to be used with Nattaro Scout attractant.

Target Pest

Bed bug (Cimex lectularius)


Nattaro Scout™ is the most sensitive bed bug monitoring trap on the UK market. Identifies bed bugs at low populations for earlier treatment, and gives confidence no traps means no bed bugs present.

Volcano structure with roof allows Nattaro Scout™ bed bug trap to be placed under a mattress without blocking the entrance to the trap.

White inside base means quick identification of the presence of any trapped bed bugs.

Rough outer surface and smooth inner surface of volcano means easy entrance for bed bugs, but prevents escape once inside.

Easy removal of the trap to allow inspection and attractant refilling. Ideal for use in areas of high traffic or turnover of users, controlling new bed bug introductions before the population increases to a noticeable level.

Nattaro Scout™ traps can be used for early identification of the presence of bed bugs or following a bed bug treatment to confirm successful eradication.

Safe for use in areas used by humans and pets.

No disruption to use of a room Nattaro Scout™ traps are used in.

How to Use

The objective of bed bug monitoring is to confirm the presence of bed bugs, a yes or no is what is needed. One bed bug is too many, and often a sign that there are more nearby. The best way to monitor is with the most reliable trap which will attract and catch bed bugs even when they are at low numbers. This firstly provides the user with peace of mind that if bed bugs are present their trap will catch them, and secondly provides earlier identification allowing action whilst the population is more easily managed.

Add the Nattaro Scout™ attractant (supplied separately) by sliding the Nattaro Scout™ trap volcano out of the clip. Open one foil sachet of the attractant to reveal a new attractant pod. Remove the protective seal to allow the attractant vapour to be released. Place the new attractant pod into the base of the Nattaro Scout™ volcano trap. Slide the volcano back into the clip and replace the trap in its monitoring location.

Nattaro Scout™ bed bug traps should be placed around the sleeping area, typically one at the head and one at the foot of the bed. The clip design of the Nattaro Scout™ means that the traps can be placed underneath the mattress of the bed without risk of blocking the entrance to the trap for the attracted bed bugs.

Trap monitoring takes seconds with the volcano sliding out from the clip and visually inspected for the presence of any trapped bed bugs.

Attractant should be replaced with fresh attractant after 4 weeks. Attractant refills allow the volcano Nattaro Scout™ trap to be reused for many years.

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