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Liquid Wasp Attractant (5L)

Liquid Wasp Attractant (5L)

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Ready to use liquid wasp attractant, for use in any trap. Formulation includes patented bee deterrent.

Target Pest

Wasp, Hornet


Highly attractive formulation gives high trap catches.

No dilution required, ready to be used straight out of the bottle.

Patented bee deterent to prevent accidental trapping of beneficial pollinators.

Can be used to attract wasps (Vespula spp.), hornets (Vespa crabro) and the invasive Asian hornet (Vespa velutina)

5L bottle comes with pump for easy use.

How to Use

Ready to use out of the bottle, no diluting required.

Suitable for use in any wasp or hornet trap. Simply add the required volume of liquid wasp attractant to the trap, this will vary depending on the design of the trap.

Top-up or replace the liquid wasp attractant as needed.

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