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InsectoSec® Tape

InsectoSec® Tape

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Number of Rolls

Preventative bed bug treatment. Rolls of 30m InsectoSec®-containing tape for application to beds.

Crop Type

Pest Control


Suitable for use in any situation where potential control of bed bugs (Cimex lectularius) is required.

Ideal for use in areas of high traffic or turnover of users, controlling new bed bug introductions before the population increases to a noticeable level.

Out of sight and out of mind. The InsectoSec® Tape is applied to areas where it cannot be seen by users of the treated room, giving the user peace of mind of continuous treatment against bed bugs without the room user knowing.

Applied to the hidden surfaces of bedroom furniture (for example underside of beds, behind bedside tables or headboards) and left without any need for maintenance.

No withholding period, room can be used immediately after the product has been applied.

Works against bed bugs regardless of their degree of tolerance or resistance to chemical insecticides.

Approved for use by UK authorities as an insecticide against bed bugs, giving confidence in performance and safety.

How to Use

Self-adhesive tape. Simply peel back the cover to expose the glue and stick to the surface required.

InsectoSec® Tape should be applied as a complete barrier to the underside of back of furniture in areas to be treated for bed bugs. For example on the underside of a bed, around the outside edge, around the outer edges of a bed headboard or the back of bedside tables.

The InsectoSec® Tape will intercept the bed bugs as they move from their hiding places to feed on hosts at night. The bed bugs will rest within the tape, being exposed to the natural insecticide and then killed.

If patches of the InsectoSec® Tape barrier have all of the white InsectoSec powder removed these can easily be cut out and then replaced with new InsectoSec Tape without the need to replace the complete treatment.

Safe for use in areas used by humans and pets.

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