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InsectoNet (5 x 2.1 m) x8

InsectoNet (5 x 2.1 m) x8

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Plastic-free fine meshed insect net.

Retailer Information

Pack size: 8
Partner products: NA
Variant products: Also available as 2.1m wide roll for in-store custom size cutting.
Individual Product Dimensions: H 350 mm, W 250 mm, D 52 mm, Weight 380g .
Barcode on packaging: Yes
Pricing shown on packaging: No
Certifications: NA


Plastic-free product, made from plants. Looks like plastic, feels like plastic, works like plastic, but made from plants!

Plastic free packaging.

Made from plant material (PLA), not petroleum derived plastic. Fine mesh protects plants against a range of small insects including butterflies, moth, flies and aphid (greenfly and blackfly). High quality woven construction allows product to be cut to required size without unravelling. Lasts for up to three years in a garden.

Suitable for dump bin, standing on shelf or hanging with the addition of a Eurohole.

Also available as 2.1m wide roll for custom size cutting.

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