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GroPure Fruit & Vegetable (1L) x8

GroPure Fruit & Vegetable (1L) x8

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Liquid NPK fertiliser derived from plant waste. Organically sourced NPK (5:2:5) minerals with micro-nutrients. GroPure is not made from digestate, clearly different.

Retailer Information

Pack size: 8
Partner products: NA
Variant products: GroPure Fruit & Vegetable (500 ml) x12 (TX012FBHV500)
Individual Product Dimensions: H 255 mm, W 81 mm, D 81 mm, Weight 1100g
Barcode on packaging: Yes
Pricing shown on packaging: No
Certifications: Organic (OF&G), Vegan friendly (Vegan Society).


Our novel mineral extraction process has created GroPure. Extracting N (Nitrogen) or P (Phosphorus) or K (Potassium) as single elements from plant waste, they have then been blended into an NPK ratio with a package of micro-nutrients also added, to create a fertiliser specifically suited to support healthy fruit and vegetable production.

NPK fertiliser solution (5:2:5) with micro-nutrients.

100% recycled (rHDPE) and recyclable bottle with child safe screw cap lid.

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