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Delfin® WG

Delfin® WG

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Biological insecticide for the control of Lepidoptera larvae.

Crop Type

Top Fruit, Fruit, Vegetable, Salads, Ornamentals


• Flexible biological insecticide against Lepidoptera larvae, can be integrated into any pest control system including synthetic chemistry and other biologicals.

• No recordable residue (MRL exempt).

• 1 day Harvest Interval (HI).

• Specific to Lepidoptera larvae supporting non-target biodiversity.

• Requires only 4 hours to dry before rain.

How to Use

Delfin® WG can be applied with standard spray equipment.

Apply Delfin® WG when first larvae are observed. Young caterpillars are more susceptible than older ones. Repeat applications may be necessary to cover the hatching period. It is advisable to respray when new shoots develop.

Delfin® WG should be applied at a rate of 0.75 kg/ha per treatment and can be applied up to 6 times per season.

Delfin® WG is best applied early morning or in the evening if possible.

Spray volume should be high enough to give good crop coverage without runoff (150 - 1500 L/ha depending on planting density and crop size).

Delfin® WG should be stored in a cool, dry, frost-protected place. High humidity and temperatures over 30°C decrease the activity of the product.

Use pesticides safely, always read the label before use.

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