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Adjuvant for use with insecticide treatments to control fly pests such as SWD.

⚠️A licence is needed to purchase this product, otherwise you could be committing a criminal offence (see Regulations below)

Crop Type

Fruit, Top Fruit


Adjuvant for tank mixing with insecticides against adult fly pests such as spotted-wing drosophila (SWD, Drosophila suzukii).

When present in insectiocide spray droplets, combi-protec stimulates and prolongs adult fly feeding. Increased feeding increases the oral uptake of insecticide reducing time between insecticide exposure and insect death.

Increasing the speed of SWD mortality reduces the time available to mate and lay eggs once the adult SWD have ented the crop area. Reducing pest egg laying reduces crop damage.

Approved adjuvant for increasing the efficacy of insecticides against spotted-wing drosophila (SWD, Drosophila suzukii), a fly pest of many fruits.

How to Use

combi-protec is an approved adjuvant in the UK. Always read the label before use.

Store combi-protec under ambient conditions out of direct sunlight.

combi-protec is a highly viscous liquid (do not mix directly into spray tank) and therefore requires the following steps to be followed when handling and adding to a spray tank:

Do not fill combi-protec into the sprayer without pre-mixing.
Half fill a bucket with warm water (dilutes best between 20°C and 40°C [bath water temperature])
Add combi-protec (ratio1:1), stir immediately.
Add insecticide partner.
Add to spray tank with remaining water.
Spray onto dry leaves

Avoid spraying less than 24 hours before rain
Reduce spray interval after significant rainfall (>10 mm/day)

Clean sprayer after using combi-protec

Use pesticides safely, always read the label before use.


It is a criminal offence to use pesticides authorised for professional use without the appropriate certificate and it is a criminal offence to purchase pesticides authorised for professional use for someone else to use if the user does not hold the relevant certificate of competence ((unless the intended end user is working under supervision of a certificated person for the purposes of training).

Combi-protec an approved plant professional protection product.

Use plant protection products safely.

Always read the label and product information before use.

Further detail on warning symbols and phrases is included on the labels and leaflets.

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