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BioChar + Rootiliser (1L) x10

BioChar + Rootiliser (1L) x10

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Biochar pre-charged with beneficial bacteria to help improve soil health and plant root development.

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Pack size: 10
Partner products: NA
Variant products: Available in larger 2L packs BioChar + Rootiliser (2L) x8 (TX008FBIC52L) as well as premium graded biochar optimised for pots and hanging basekts. Premium Biochar + Rootiliser (1L) x10 (TX010FBPC51L) and the larger Premium Biochar + Rootiliser (2L) x8 (TX008FBPC52L)
Individual Product Dimensions: H 250 mm, W 190 mm, D 85 mm, Weight 240g .
Barcode on packaging: Yes
Pricing shown on packaging: No
Certifications: NA


Biochar improves soil structure increasing air movement and water retention. Pre-charged with our Rootiliser beneficial bacteria, a probiotic for the soil to help develop healthier roots and power them to extract more nutrition from the soil aroud them.

Biochar + Rootiliser is also available in larger 2L stand-up pouches.

Our beneficial bacteria works on a range of plants and soil types. Formulated to suit a range of different uses, Rootiliser also powers a premium graded biochar developed for optimal performance for when added to compost for pots and hanging baskets to optimise moisture retention; Premium BioChar + Rootiliser (1L) x10 and Premium BioChar + Rootiliser (2L) x8.

Plastic free packaging.

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