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Bean Seed Fly (Delia platura) Trap

Bean Seed Fly (Delia platura) Trap

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Blue plastic sticky trap and attractant to catch bean seed fly (Delia platura)

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Pack contains enough sticky traps and attractant to monitor for a complete season.

Accurate and reliable catches allow user to determine risk to crop and need for further pest control action.

Bean seed fly populations can vary greatly based on local conditions. Monitoring traps allow site-specific information to be gathered to understand local risk when compared to wider-scale monitoring and forecasting.

Pack contains: 15 blue sticky traps, 3 attractant lures.

How to Use

The bean seed fly monitoring trap should be set up from April until August as soon as the crop is sown to cover the bean seed fly risk period.

Construct the trap as shown on contained instructions. Open one silver packet and remove a white bag containing the attractant.

Remove the clear sticker labelled “Pull here” to reveal the hole.

Remove white protective cover from one side of the blue sticky trap, this will become the inside of the trap.

Bend the two short ends of the blue sticky trap together to make a circle. Create the circle sticky trap shape by passing each end of the metal hanger through a hole on one edge.

Pass one end of the metal hanger through the hole in the white attractant allowing it to be suspended inside the blue sticky trap circle.

Complete the circle shape by passing each end of the metal hanger through a hole on the second edge of the blue sticky trap.

Put a twist in the metal hanger to secure the circle. Remove the protective cover from the outside of one blue sticky trap.

Use the metal hanger to position the trap, for example on a pole, above the planted area.

Replace the blue sticky traps every week or when they become filled with dirt or insect scales.

Replace the attractant lure every 4-5 weeks.

Store remaining blue sticky traps and attractant lures unopened in a cool dry location.

Traps should be checked every 2-3 days (i.e. Monday, Wednesday and Friday) and number of bean seed flies caught recorded. After recording trapped numbers during scouting, trapped insects should be removed from sticky insert to improve future catches and reduce chance of miscounting in following assessments.

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