Don't let bed bugs ruin your B&B this summer

Don't let bed bugs ruin your B&B this summer

Protect it with an easy tape

We all know you deserve your summer to go as perfectly as possible after all the forced closures you’ve suffered the past year.

It looks like you’re in for a bumper summer with many Brits opting for a ‘staycation’. But sadly, so many guests also makes your chances of a bed bug infestation high. And you can’t afford any more disruptions! Or expensive treatments!

Imagine having to cancel crucial bookings and tell guests you have a bed bug problem. With social media, that isn’t going to stay under the radar.

And often pest controllers have to come back more than once, because they missed one bed bug or egg that rapidly repopulates again.

Which means it’s a problem you might be stuck with for months. It’s every B&B owner’s worst nightmare, and time and time again owners find out they have a huge bed bug infestation too late, thinking “but I’m sure it won’t happen to me.” But what can you do but hope and pray?

Fortunately, there’s a revolutionary new, patented product that actually protects rooms against bed bugs.

A simple tape. You stick it around the bottom of the bed frame, and it forms a barrier against bed bugs.

And the best thing about it? No chemicals. The tape is made of paper and coated with a natural substance made of algae skeletons.

The bed bugs enter the tape and are coated in this natural powder, which suffocates them by a biological rather than chemical process. As such, bed bugs can never become resistant against the tape like they can with chemicals.

As an added bonus, the tape has a folded wing design that creates tiny crevices on either side of the tape, a perfect hiding place for the bugs. Bed bugs ideally like to hide in crevices directly in the bed frame, as it’s close to their prey.

InsectoSec tape therefore not just kills the bugs, but attracts them to the tape as well.

InsectoSec tape is patented and developed by worldwide bed bug experts Nattaro Labs in Sweden. Only Swedish ingenuity could come up with such a simple and cost-effective measure for preventing bugs.

And for the first time it’s available in the UK.

It’s a no-brainer product for those smart enough to think long-term. And long-term protection is what you get. This tape can last up to an incredible 2 years! Just stick it on your beds to get easy, long-term peace of mind against bed bugs.

  • Self-adhesive tape makes it easy to apply
  • Easy to cut paper means it can be adjusted to fit any size or shape bedframe
  • HSE-approved, natural
  • Long lasting effect once installed
  • No disturbance to the bedrooms

CLICK HERE to find out more and protect your establishment against bed bugs long-term.

Why it’s so crucial to catch bed bugs early - the science

Not many people are aware that bed bugs live much longer in cooler climates like the UK. A bed bug’s lifecycle lasts an average of just 36 days at 33°C, but a staggering 128 days at 18°C! That’s over 3 times longer!

This means you can't "starve out" bed bugs over winter, because adults and 5th instar nymphs can survive without food for over 12 months. This also means population growth of bed bugs looks just like the dreaded covid-19 curve.

Initial numbers are small and unnoticeable for a while, but then suddenly rocket up before you know what’s happening. It takes a long 8 weeks to go from a few to 100 bed bugs…..but after that it takes just 2 more weeks to rocket up to 1000 bed bugs! That’s a 10x increase in 2 weeks.

By the time you get to 1000, it’s spread from the bed to the whole room, and most likely other rooms too. So even once you’ve treated the source room, you’ll probably find an infestation appearing in adjacent rooms in another 10 weeks.

As you can see the first few weeks are the crucial ‘window’ where there’s only a few bugs around, well below 100, which you can easily treat with simple measures.

That’s why Nattaro Labs have also invented THE most accurate bed bug trap, Nattaro Scout.

It can attract and catch bed bugs at the lowest population levels, much more effectively than competitors.

As you can see it caught 1 or more bed bugs nearly 100% of the time in weeks 1 and 2, and 100% of the time in week 3. Whereas competitors only caught a bug less than 40% or even just 20% of the time.

This means you can set a trap in each room, check daily or weekly and know as soon as you have a few bed bugs, which room, and likely which guest, so you can deal with it discretely. Not 10 weeks later when you have an endless nightmare on your hands across your whole establishment.

Using the tape and traps together gives you ultimate peace of mind against bed bugs, with a double-pronged approach.

So get ahead of the curve and get your tape and/or traps today. Bulk discounts available.

CLICK HERE to find out more or buy the tape and CLICK HERE to find out more or buy the traps.

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