New product launch – Nattaro Scout™ improved attractant Press Release

New product launch – Nattaro Scout™ improved attractant Press Release

Global leaders in bedbug management, Nattaro Labs announce the launch of the new and improved Nattaro Scout attractant. Same market-leading bedbug attraction, now with increased shelf life and at ambient storage.

The unique bedbug attractant within Nattaro Scout has always been a market leader in detecting bedbug presence at low populations. Able to consistently attract both males and females, juveniles and adults over a four-week period. The reliability of Nattaro Scout to give high hit rates, even at low bedbug populations, is why pest controllers can trust the catch results it gives.

Until now however the attractant refills were required to be kept in refrigerated conditions. This meant inconvenience to pest controllers of having to store them in a fridge until use, and a shorter shelf life than other bedbug attractants.

Now, at the conclusion of a two-year development project, Swedish bedbug experts Nattaro Labs have released a more stable attractant which is no longer required to be stored in a fridge. Ambient storage means Nattaro Scout can be stored and transported along with all other equipment, with no special additional needs. This development therefore gives pest controllers the same level of high performance, with greater flexibility.  

Reliable bedbug detection should be the cornerstone of any bedbug management package. Giving pest controllers reliable catch results to allow earlier action, and the consumer confidence that the bedbug treatment program has been successful.

The new Nattaro Scout attractant is designed to be used in the patented Nattaro Scout bedbug trap. The traps unique design allows easy visual monitoring and flexible positioning, even underneath a mattress. Bedbug detection with the Nattaro Scout is ideally combined with InsectoSec® Tape, a truly preventative long-lasting insecticide containing registered biocide.

The new Nattaro Scout attractant will be launched at PestEx 2024. Come and visit the Nattaro and Andermatt team on Stand 111 to discover more about how your pest control business can generate more income from Nattaro Scout™ and InsectoSec® Tape.

"We are proud to present a better version of our patented bed bug lure," says Carl-Johan Gustafson, CEO of Nattaro Labs. "Being able to meet customer requirements for durability and storage time while managing to maintain our acknowledged efficiency is the result of several years of R&D at our bed bug lab.” “The development of an ambient storage attractant for the Nattaro Scout has now made it easier and more convenient for pest controllers to use what was already the most reliable bedbug trap on the UK market.” says Dr Andrew Brown, Managing Director of Andermatt UK. “We are excited to further our collaboration with Nattaro Labs with this new Nattaro Scout formulation alongside InsectoSec Tape in the UK and Irish markets.”

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About Nattaro Labs AB: Setup in 2011, Swedish company Nattaro Labs AB is an R&D company with innovative products and sustainable solutions to control the growing problem of bed bugs worldwide. Through over a decade of evidence-based research on bed bugs, product development and close collaboration with pest control companies, they have developed several unique products that are used to prevent, detect and control bed bug infestations. Through a combination of evidence-based research, product development and close collaboration with pest control companies, Nattaro Labs today is positioned as a bed bug expert in the international market. Background information on the product and supplier can be found at

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