Andermatt launches new Bean Seed Fly Trap (New Product)

Andermatt launches new Bean Seed Fly Trap (New Product)

Andermatt launches new bean seed fly trap (new product)

Andermatt are launching a new monitoring trap for the bean seed fly (Delia platura), a significant pest of crops such as legumes, onion and sweetcorn.

This comes after successful evaluation trials from Processors and Growers Research Organisation (PGRO). The trap contains a plant volatile to attract both male and female flies. This is different to many traps, which usually can only attract the male of the species using the female pheromone. It also uses blue visual features to attract the flies, resulting in a powerful combination.

Bean seed fly trap

The trap is sticky, so once lured in, the flies get stuck on the surface and die. This allows for easy monitoring.

A key part of an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) cropping system is correctly identifying which pests are present, and when their numbers reach a critical point at which action is required.

For many years attractant-based monitoring traps have helped achieve this, and the bean seed fly trap only adds to the portfolio of pests UK growers can effectively monitor.

The need for correct identification of the pest present and time for action is increasingly important as part of a drive towards more sustainable agriculture.

Andermatt are committed to bringing the latest pest monitoring tools to UK growers.

“Supporting growers to make the best decisions is central to Andermatt’s belief of ‘Healthy Food and Healthy Environment, for all’,” says Andrew Brown, Managing Director of Andermatt. “Bringing the latest pest monitoring systems to the UK market is essential to support sustainable UK agricultural production.”


About Andermatt UK: A UK subsidiary of the Swiss company Andermatt (1988), we make biological alternatives to pest control for farmers and growers suitable for IPM. We have many unique, innovative and patented products.

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