Professional pest control bed bug treatment

Professional pest control bed bug treatment

Why control bed bugs?

Bedbugs (or bed bugs, Cimex sp.) are a group of parasitic insects that are becoming an increasing problem in the UK. They feed on blood of animals and humans, typically as their host is sleeping. Bedbug feeding can result in red bite marks over your skin where they have bitten you. Whilst the bite itself does not hurt, the bedbug bites can be very itchy and may become swollen and painful.  

The fight against bedbugs is a constant one. The risk of bedbug infestation to a house is a constant one and is not affected by how clean the house is. Bedbugs happily hitch a lift on suitcases from infested hotel rooms or can survive hidden in second-hand furniture as it is moved between properties.

How to identify if you have a bedbug infestation?

The most reliable way to identify the presence of bedbugs is by finding one. This can be difficult because of their nocturnal activity and so using a monitoring trap, however the most common first step to identifying the presence of bedbugs is when bite marks are found.  


Signs of bedbugs:  

  • Red bite marks on your skin
  • Black spots from bedbug faeces (up to 1mm in size) left on the mattress whilst feeding
  • Clusters of black spots from bedbug faeces in hiding places; mattress seams, head boards, bed frame and bedside furniture


If a bedbug infestation is suspected, the most reliable way to confirm this is by purchasing a monitoring trap which will catch some of the night time active bedbugs as they move between their hiding place and food source.  


How to treat for bedbugs?

Whilst a range of products are available for DIY bedbug treatment, there are numerous commercial pest control companies who offer bedbug treatment service. These commercial pest control companies will have a lot of experience dealing with bedbugs and be able to guide you through the process. Before contacting the pest control company you may want to buy and setup a bedbug monitoring trap for a few nights to catch bedbugs and confirm this is what is causing the problem. This will ensure you get the correct treatment from the pest control company.


Why use professional bed bug treatment company?

Commercial pest control companies will have a lot of experience applying bedbug treatments be it for either a domestic home or commercial property. Whilst it is possible to treat bedbugs yourself, there are several advantages to using a commercial pest control company.

  • Experience of how to manage this difficult to control pest. Its nocturnal activity and ability to hide in many locations can make targeting this pest insect difficult
  • The pest control experts will be fully trained to correctly apply the products or treatment you select. Correct application is key to the pest treatment working correctly
  • The range of bedbug treatment products available to professional pest controllers is wider than those available to consumers. A professional pest controller will therefore have more, and often stronger, treatment options
  • There are increasing levels of insecticide resistance developing within the bedbug population. A pest control company will understand this and guide you on the most reliable treatment options
  • Many pest controllers offer a complete service which will include check-ups, multiple treatment options, repeat visits and guarantees of success


Why use InsectoSec Tape?

InsectoSec Tape is a tape containing a natural insecticide which is applied to the underside of bedframes to control bedbugs. Once it is stuck to the bed frame it can be left for up to two years. Unnoticeable and unintrusive it will continue to protect you from further bedbug attack.

InsectoSec Tape is ideal for use after a bedbug heat or insecticide treatment program. Installed by the professional pest control company after their curative treatment, it will guard the bed against the constant risk of reinfestation


Why use professional bed bug treatment company?

The risk of bedbug infestation is a constant one. Whilst a heat or insecticide treatment will cure the current infestation, it is no guarantee against future reinfestation. InsectoSec Tape offers a preventative, long term solution which can be integrated into any professional bedbug treatment program. The long-term performance of InsectoSec Tape compliments the rapid knockdown provided by the insecticide or heat treatment.

Because bedbugs prefer to stay close to their food source, positioning InsectoSec Tape on the underside of the bed puts the solution right where it needs to be. It will attract and kill the bedbugs as they try to move around the bed and its simple and safe design means that you will not even know it is there.

InsectoSec Tape has been designed around and understanding of bedbug behaviour.

  • Located on the bed, near to their feeding site, it is ideally positioned without impacting you
  • Its winged fold design creates tight gaps which the bedbug prefer to rest in for protection
  • Presence of the InsectoSec within the tape means bedbugs are not aware its presence
  • A difficult pest to target with insecticide applications because of its hiding places or ability to have long periods between blood feeds, InsectoSec Tape brings the pest to it and has a persistent effect which lasts up to 24 months


Ask your pest control company to include an InsectoSec Tape application to be included in your bed bug treatment program


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