Why use Andermatt pest control products?

Why use Andermatt pest control products?

Our belief is a Healthy Food and Healthy Environment, for all. Nowhere is this more relevant than the pest control market. The battle against unwanted pests in both domestic and commercial situations is a constant one. With the number of pest control products available to users ever decreasing, those remaining need to be protected through use in Integrated Pest Management (IPM) systems. Andermatt are a global manufacturer of a range of pest control products to help pest controllers achieve this.

Novel developments driven by an understanding of the science behind the pest being targeted, Andermatt pest control products are flexible products for inclusion in a pest controllers armoury for use in an integrated pest control program.




Achieving the best performance

A pest control product is only as good as the pest controller applying it. That is why we work with the pest control companies we supply on knowledge exchange to give reliable performance and peace of mind for the pest controller and your client alike.


InsectoSec insecticide

The InsectoSec range is powered by diatomaceous earth (DE), a well know, but often not understood substance. InsectoSec innovation is available in all formulation types approved for use in the UK as a biocide:

  • Bed Bug Tape – specifically designed for locating on beds to give prolonged effect
  • Aerosol – for penetrating and quick drying application needs
  • Liquid – for easier and more consistent application to larger areas
  • Dry powder – the highest quality product on the market. Not all DE are made equal!

Fully approved for use as a biocide in the UK, including any InsectoSec product as an insecticide treatment in your pest controller program should be done with confidence knowing that it has demonstrated both performance and safety to your customers and their homes.   


Why use InsectoSec Bed Bug Tape?

Bed bug killing tape to be applied and left after any bed bug chemical or heat treatment. The novel formulation of InsectoSec insecticide on self-adhesive tape is placed around the edges of the underside of a customers bed at the end of a visit. Out of sight and out of mind, it does not interfere with a customers use of the room whilst giving reassurance of prolonged protection.

Discover more about InsectoSec Tape here https://www.andermattuk.com/bedbug-professional-pest-control-treatment


 Why use InsectoSec aerosol?

A solvent-based spray, InsectoSec provides the convenience of speed and ease of handling and ability to highly target where the diatomaceous earth insecticide is applied. Approved for use in the UK against all crawling insects from bed bugs to silverfish, cockroaches to pet fleas. The general insecticide activity of diatomaceous earth means having this in your tool kit for a site visit will have a versatile range of uses. Ideal for use on small patches, when speed of drying is necessary or in more difficult to reach areas. 



Why use InsectoSec Liquid?    

A ready to use water-based liquid formulation of InsectoSec diatomaceous earth insecticide. Available in either 1L trigger sprayers or in larger units for use in larger sprayers, InsectoSec liquid gives the ease of use of a liquid for rapid application over larger areas without the creation of dust leaving a thin film on the treated surface when dry.



Why use InsectoSec powder?    

The most well known diatomaceous earth formulation, InsectoSec is fully approved for use in the UK and is certified as a suitable input for organic situations, be it an organic commercial situation or where the domestic customer requires this.



Insect trapping

Flying insects can be a pest of both domestic, hospitality and commercial settings. Whether it is unwanted attention from wasps and hornets or hygiene risk from flies, there are situations where attraction bait traps are needed.

Andermatts liquid wasp attractant is ready to use with no need for diluting or activation and can be used in any wasp trap. Highly attractive to wasps it contains a bee repellent to prevent the accidental capture of non-target beneficial insects. We are also trying to do our bit to help the environment by packaging this in recycled and recyclable plastic, because why not?


Working with Andermatt

Do you want to add the InsectoSec insecticide product range to what you can offer your customers?

InsectoSec can be supplied to any professional pest control company, whether you are a local individual or have a nationwide footprint. Contact us on contact@andermattuk.com

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